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It all started when…

Mwabu (also known as iSchool) has been with us since our early days. 

Mwabu creates the interactive curriculum and tablets that we use in our classrooms every day. They provide thousands of lesson plans for our teachers and activity-based lessons for our 6,000 students. They were our very first partners, helping us integrate laptops and projectors into our grade 1 classrooms in 2012. Over the years, we have grown with them, from 5 schools to over 40, building tablets and technology into our daily practice.

Join us as we honor their commitment to Impact Network.



Justin is CEO of Mwabu and a specialist in the implementation and adoption of Educational Technology to deliver impact. He has spent the last 25 years working in education, initially as a teacher, progressing to become a senior advisor and inspector. During this time he sat on numerous working parties with the Ministry of Education including national strategies.

About 15 years ago, Justin moved to the commercial side of the sector and joined a ground-breaking EdTech start-up. Working closely with the founder, Justin became CEO and grew the business to become a market leader and a multinational. Following an acquisition by Pearson, Justin rose to become Vice President working across the globe before leaving to support other EdTech startups, one of which was iSchool Zambia. Following the loss of their founder, Justin took over the role of CEO and immediately began converting the business from a digital publisher into an Education company. Since 2015 the company has rebranded to Mwabu, has grown to have supported over 10,000 teachers in more than 500 schools and estimates to have befitted more than 600,000 learners.

Justin’s vision is to reach 100 million beneficiaries, improving the life chances of those that need the most support across Africa through the sustainable implementation and adoption of EdTech.



Jenny began her university education studying the teaching of Primary Education, but finished with a degree in Marketing Management. She’s now enjoying the best of both working in the education industry while seeking solutions to sustainable business approaches for better educational outcomes in the developing world.

Jenny has worked throughout Europe and Scandinavia, North America and now Africa with a FTSE 100 business and SMEs, responsible for customer acquisition, strategic planning, solution development and communications for a range of international market leading online and offline technology platforms and services. 

Now responsible for customer acquisition across the Mwabu group, Jenny has worked directly with the Impact Network team as they have grown their eSchool 360 program in Zambia from 9 to 40+ schools. Jenny is working hard to develop a lasting partnership between Mwabu and Impact Network both in Zambia and further afield, recently bringing the two organisations together to provide solutions for the development and implementation of a financial literacy curriculum to Zambia’s out-of-school youth.